Saturday, a day usually little chilled out for me. And thereby i decided to have a relaxed late meal. Had been noticing this place “Hoot” for quite sometime, and it indeed hooted today, which i just couldnt miss.

This restaurant is very strategically located at Juhu, i mean you will cross it every time you are near Juhu Circle. The restaurant has humungus space, with seating as well as a great dance floor. It has both inside and outside seating. It is a little chilly in Mumbai now in December so one can enjoy the al fresco area as well.

I was pretty impressed by the ambiance of the place. A super cool Horse (statue ) stood midway which gave the restaurant a very chic look. Finally the hungry me yelled from inside and i straight away asked for the menu. The menu itself was very diverse, starting from Chinese, to pizzas, to indian, continental and my favorite Grilled items as well.

I ordered for Grilled Prawns with Polenta and some greens along with Arabic chicken with Rice. I simple loved the prawns, it was lip-smacking. The arabic chicken was fine as well, but i like my spices way too much and this isnt too spicy. They do serve it with a spicy gravy which was yummy.

Overall i was so mesemerized by the look and feel of the place, that only this particular day the foodie in me played a little subtle. Will try out more dishes the next time i am here.

Ambiance : Five Star Staff : Four Star Food: Four Star Menu: Five Star Cleanliness : Five Star

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